About us

The Catholic Social Association for Youthwork munich ev. (Katholische Jugendsozialwerk München e.V.) (KJSW) is a non governmental organisation (NGO). Head of the department in Landshut is Ludwig Weber. This department has nearly 160 employees and runs a foyer of youth housing with 170 places. We do social work in families and schools. About 350 young people are supported in the transition from school to the work force. Furthermore we offer vocational training to 18 disadvantaged young people. Other areas include the Youth Migration Service (JMD), youth clubs, a therapeutic group home and international youth work.

In Landshut we have developed from 70 employees in 2006 to nearly 160 employees in 2016.

A part of the department is the Foyer of Youth Housing (Jugendwohnheim Deggendorf), which we opened in 2008.

Ludwig Weber


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