Youth Residence


In two houses on Marienburger Straße we offer 170 accommodation places. We have double and single rooms and our own canteen, where we also offer vegetarian dishes. Our residents get often financial aid by the Berufsausbildungshilfe.


From the centre of Landshut we are ten minutes walking distance away. The bus route 7 stops in front of the house, at bus stop Kattowitzerstraße. This bus does not come from the main train station. Information on public transport can be found HERE.

Living together

We provide emotional security and livelihood to our residents during their period of schooling, academic or professional training in Landshut.

It is lovely living together in a sustainable community. Our employees receive good praise from our students: "My sunshine", "My angel", and if we ask for anything, "My God!"

They are expericenced and able to give assistance with most issues, problems and interests of our residents. Our success can be displayed in the fact that our residents hardly ever discontinue their education. Above all, there is no place for loneliness in our residence. Of course, there are opportunities for alone time, but you can almost always find someone to spend leisure time with or to study for school with. New community based experiences contribute to increasing the "Social Skills" in professional and private lives and can form a basis for success and satisfaction. Consideration, willingness to compromise, accession of mandates, conflict resolution and solidarity are keywords which are brought to meaning and life in the foyer. Sporting, cultural and social activities are organized across all departments. And of course, there are parties. To reassure the parents: we always ensure that our young people do not descend too much into "Party Life".

Kathrin Strasser


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