Success: Participants rated 1.4

With 1.4, the 29 young participants rated the project "Are you really so political? - Are you really so apolitical?". It was the third time since 2012, that we realised the project for the Foreign Ministry in 2015. The young participants were from Tunisia (TUnis, Nabeul. Zarzis) and GErmany (Landshut).

The team from Landshut (Germany). Foto Roland Mulzer.

Instead of lamenting and calls like "Young people be political!" the participants learned a part of the political tools: Debating with coaches of the federal program "Youth debates". Posting letters to ministers with Emma Kellner, a former member of teh Bavarian parliament. Writinge applications for funds to the EU. They also conducted interviews with people in Tunisia about the current situation and published these interviews in a brochure.


Project 2014

In 2014 there were young people from Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Landshut involved.

In March
2013, the egyptian participants came to Landshut. They lectured at the vocational high schools (BOS) Schönbrunn and the BOS 1 about the situation in Egypt and their commitment. In workshops within the federal programme  they had "Youth Debates"  and learnt how to lead a debate. The tools used to achieve political goals was mediated by Emma Kellner who was a member of the Bavarian Parliament for many years and had advised Non-Government-Organisations for GIZ in Africa.

re was an exhibition about the project in the community college Landshut. For political tools and debating, there was a "youth parliament" set up in the Landshut town hall, where applications and resolutions of the participants were matched. During the stay in Landshut young members of political parties presented the objectives of their party. The youth conducted interviews with the speakers. Partners in the project were Ehab Aziz (Landshut), Emad Magdy (Cairo) and the Cairo Institute for Human Rights with Nader Wagdy. The Foreign Office funded the project.

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